sTEP Up to AdminisTEP
AdminisTEP’s unique architecture combines the functionality of multiple Transaction Exchange Portals (TEPs) into a single solution. AdminisTEP gives payors unprecedented modular flexibility to select and pay for only the features and functions that they want and need, instead of paying for options they won’t use.

It’s Free for Providers
AdminisTEP’s core functionality is offered free to providers, making it a single source for electronically transmitting all claims to the proper entities. This includes submitting claims to multiple entities, handling claims files that are not HIPAA compliant, and even translating non-compliant claims into HIPAA-mandated formats.

Direct Connect – Eliminate Clearinghouse Hassles
AdminisTEP bridges the gap between providers and payors by directly connecting them with each other for transaction exchanges. AdminisTEP also can be configured to work with other clearinghouses, enabling payors and providers to benefit from real-time capabilities while complying with their existing clearinghouse contracts.

Increase Clean Claims by 70%
AdminisTEP resides between the points of claim creation and claim processing, enabling it to apply business rules to detect errors. Providers are alerted to potential errors and can use AdminisTEP to correct the errors and resubmit the claim. On the payor side, AdminisTEP is even able to automatically fix minor errors, such as formatting and syntax, before processing. Other error types are identified and automatically routed to the AdminisTEP workflow for research and resolution. AdminisTEP’s “batch fixing” feature enables payors to correct multiple claims with the same error in a single batch.

Legacy – Experience You Can Count On
Legacy’s agile technology currently supports more than 20 million covered lives throughout all facets of healthcare administration. Legacy develops and maintains solutions that simplify the business of healthcare, from claims inventory management and reporting to HIPAA-centric, EFT-based revenue management and operations.