Works with Other Clearinghouses
AdminisTEP seamlessly integrates with other clearinghouses. As a result, the enhanced functionality and intuitive design of AdminisTEP becomes the front end for all your transaction management needs.

Paper/OCR Capabilities
AdminisTEP provides optical character recognition (OCR) and vertexing capabilities to convert paper-based claims into electronic formats.

Direct Data Entry
Payors and providers can create electronic transactions using AdminisTEP’s Direct Data Entry (DDE) capabilities. The DDE wizard walks users through a series of screens to create the transactions, regardless of the capabilities within the user’s host system or practice management system.

Electronic Funds Transfer
AdminisTEP makes it easy for payors to efficiently pay providers with electronic funds transfer (EFT). Once enabled, payors can set-up and manage the EFT transactions via AdminisTEP’s browser interface, and providers can login to securely enter their account information to receive reimbursements electronically.

Robust Reporting
Providers and payors can view unprecedented details about transactions with point-and-click simplicity – all done without having to know SQL or the cryptic codes required by other third-party reporting tools.