Electronic Claims
Payors can subscribe to AdminisTEP on a flat-rate per-provider fee, or a per transaction fee. Both options enable payors to realize significant savings. With electronic claims, the following services are included:

  • Set-Up Fees
  • Support/Maintenance Fees
  • Mail Submission of Paper Claims
  • Transaction Routing - Any-to-any transaction translation
  • Business Translation Logic - Transaction edits, scrubbing validation and other business rules. Hosted logic to decrease payor host system processing demands.
  • Business Process Integration - Seamless provider-to-provider solution that increases host system functionality and process transactions. Options to fully outsource EDI process.
  • Revenue-Cycle Management - Remittance and EFT capabilities
  • Eligibility Verification Status
  • Claim Status
  • Authorization and Referral

Paper Claims
Fees for handling paper claims are up to 50% less than competitors. Fees include:

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) turns paper-based claims into electronic formats
  • Vertexing verifies data entry
  • AdminisTEP also can handle the mailing of paper claims


Contact AdminisTEP to get a quote on handling your electronic and paper claims needs