No Set-Up or Transaction Fees
AdminisTEP’s core functionality is offered free to providers, making it a single source for electronically transmitting all claims to the proper entities. This includes submitting claims to multiple entities, handling claims files that are not HIPAA compliant, and even translating non-compliant claims into HIPAA-mandated formats.

No Software to Install
AdminisTEP is a hosted application, meaning that providers can access the solution with a simple Web browser. No software to install or maintain, and no ongoing licensing fees.

Get Paid 75% faster
Streamline your claims creation, submission and even the receipt of reimbursements using AdminisTEP. Online claims edits help providers correct claims errors before submission to reduce rejections that lead to increased time between initial submission and reimbursement. Also, AdminisTEP enables providers to use electronic funds transfers (EFTs) to automatically transfer reimbursement into your bank account.

Increase Efficiency by 40%
Use AdminisTEP to create claims faster, submit them electronically and check the status of claims and reimbursement in real time. AdminisTEP will even help providers turn paper-based claims into electronic formats to speed reimbursement. And individual claims can be entered directly into AdminisTEP using the solution’s Direct Data Entry (DDE) capability.

Robust Reporting
Reporting features within AdminisTEP provide in-depth information about billing, transaction throughput, confirmation on the transmission and receipt of transactions, the status of claims files and individual claims, as well as details about remittance and the claims paid by each check.

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