Legacy – the parent company of AdminisTEP – believes in supporting its employees by providing the best available benefits package in the industry. We recognize that a competitive compensation package is made up of more than just a salary. We are an equal opportunity employer with a wide range of benefits and opportunities to help our team members achieve their personal and professional goals as we achieve our company’s growth potential. From continuing education and financial incentives, to corporate meetings and paid time off, we recognize that work is more than just what happens during business hours – work is how you support your lifestyle. Below is a summary of our most popular benefits.

Medical / Dental / Vision Care
We offer health insurance plans from a nationwide PPO, covering the full cost for employee participation and a significant amount of the cost for dependents. Additionally, we offer the option of health savings accounts.

Our dental care plan is also through a nationwide plan. We cover the full cost for employee participation and a significant amount of the cost for dependents.

Our vision plan is also nationwide and designed to provide the best possible coverage for our employees and their families. We cover the full cost of coverage for both employees and their dependents.

Our medical, dental and vision care becomes effective on the first day of the month following 90 days of employment.

Annual Tenure Bonuses
We recognize that you work hard to make the company successful. The longer you work to make Legacy successful, the more reward you deserve. In addition to other compensation and bonus programs, we take the time to recognize the hard work that contributes to your tenure here at Legacy. Employees look forward to gifts, monetary bonuses, vacation time and other perks of gratitude for the time they dedicate to Legacy. A prime example is the Rolex watch we award for five years of service.

Life Insurance
Included in our benefits package is a basic group term life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for each employee in an amount of $50,000.

Legacy also offers comprehensive short- and long-term disability options, available o nce 90 days of service is completed. Employees who participate in the short term disability plan will have 90% of their long-term disability paid for by Legacy. Our short term disability plan provides each employee with income protection up to an amount of 60% of his or her monthly base salary coordinated with any State, Federal or other disability program (if applicable). Our long-term disability plan also provides each employee with income protection up to an amount of 60% of his or her monthly base salary.

Tuition Reimbursement
Legacy believes in the continuing education efforts of its team members. In addition to the many cross-training opportunities presented to our team members, tuition reimbursement is available as an option to employees who demonstrate that an ongoing education benefits Legacy.

Retirement Benefits
We encourage all employees to prepare for retirement. To support your efforts toward retirement planning, we offer one of the top-rated 401(k) plans in the nation, and we aggressively match $.50 for each $1.00 contributed to the plan up to 6% of your pay. We have a three-year cliff-vesting schedule based on hire date.

Employee Assistance Program
Our Employee Assistance Program is designed to confidentially assist employees and their dependents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if required.

Personal Time Off
At Legacy we do not distinguish vacation days from sick days or personal days. If you need time off, then you should have a pool of time to draw from based on your years of service to the company.

0 - 4 years of service: 17 days per year
5 - 9 years of service: 22 days per year
10 - 14 years of service: 27 days per year
15 - 19 years of service: 32 days per year
20+ years of service: 37 days per year

In addition to these days for personal time off, Legacy allows each employee a day off on the day of their birthday. We also allow a flexible arrangement for cashing in and carrying over unused personal time off at the end of the year.

Floating Holidays
When clients are open and you are required to work on a designated holiday or your birthday, we allow you to take a floating holiday to use at your convenience.

National Holidays
We offer up to 12 national holidays per year.


Policies subject to change at anytime.



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